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Caroline Herring

March 29, 2008
8:00 PM


Caroline Herring, quite simply, is one of the most unique, haunting voices in Americana music today. With lyrics informed by the literary giants of her native Southland, Herring’s music combines a variety of traditional styles, from acoustic folk to bluegrass and old-time country. Her resonant alto voice is a natural match for the brand of music she uses to convey her stories and songs. “There’s a starkness and honesty in Caroline’s songs,” says bluegrass legend Peter Rowan. “She has a deeply-rooted sense of the South and its history – and of her own childhood and that as history. Each image she crafts is highlighted, then recedes into the past.” This is a grand description of a fine artist who draws acclaim from musicians as diverse as Rowan, Austin artist Slaid Cleaves, Tejana songstress Tish Hinojosa, and New England songwriter Dar Williams, who calls Herring the “elusive real thing.

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