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CANCELLED - D�M Turkish Rhythm Celebration

January 23, 2016
8:00 PM


The Cafe regrets to announce that this evening’s performance has been cancelled, due to artists being stranded in the snowstorm to the south.

Raquy Danziger specializes in Turkish Split Hand darbuka drumming, a style that has emerged in Turkish in the last 20 years. This style, which splits the hands into two, as is played with the Indian Tabla, gives the Turkish drummers speed and dexterity like never before!

Half of the program features dazzling drumming pieces using this style with Darbuka, backed by other Turkish percussion instruments such as bass darbuka, riq, bendir and also the Spanish cajon.

The drumming pieces are interspersed with Raquy’s melodic pieces. These are mostly original compositions based on the Middle Eastern scales and rhythms. In these songs Raquy plays the mystical twelve-stringed King Kemenche Tarhu, a futuristic version of the Persian spike fiddle invented by Peter Biffen from Australia.

The members are Raquy Danziger on King Kemenche and Darbuka, Rami El – Aasser on Percussion and Turkish Baglama, Lady Bruce on Darbuka and Tap Dance, Joaquin Colon on Darbuka, Liron Peled on Dumset, Lord Zoutis on Darbuka, Anna on Darbuka and Dumset, and Adam Good on Oud.

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