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CANCELLED... Brubeck Brothers Quartet

December 09, 2017
8:00 PM


Due to the snow and the band’s distance to travel, this event was cancelled. Check here later to see if becomes rescheduled.

Chris and Dan Brubeck have been making music together practically all their lives. Drummer Dan and bassist, trombonist, and composer Chris cut their first record together in 1966… nearly a half century ago. They’ve subsequently played a variety of styles in a number of different groups, as well as with their father, jazz giant Dave Brubeck, and with their own Brubeck Brothers Quartet. With Dan and Chris as the foundation, guitarist Mike DeMicco and pianist Chuck Lamb complete this dynamic quartet.

The group performs at concert series, colleges, and jazz festivals across North America and Europe, including the Newport, Detroit, Montreal, Playboy/Hollywood Bowl, and Monterey Jazz Festivals. The Quartet’s last CD, “LifeTimes”, was a hit on the Jazz Week radio chart, where it made the Top Ten list as one of the most played jazz recordings of the year. The Seattle Times wrote of “LifeTimes”, “The playing that takes place on ‘LifeTimes’… the wondrous combination of swing, melodic majesty, masterful arrangements and a truckload of truly inspirational solos… just adds a vibrancy and color to songs I thought I knew and loved on a deep level. It turns out that there was still plenty of depth I could have discovered. I just needed someone to point the way, and that is exactly what these four gentleman have done through ‘LifeTimes’.”

These versatile musicians also collaborate with orchestras all across the U.S. as well as internationally. With Chris Brubeck’s compositions as a vehicle, the BBQ has joined with chamber groups to collaborate with musicians from the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, the Philadelphia Orchestra and the Russian National Symphony Orchestra.

Although the Quartet’s style is rooted in “straight-ahead” jazz, their concerts reveal an inherent ability to explore and play odd time signatures, while naturally integrating the influences of funk, blues and world music. The group’s creativity, technique, and improvisation can be heard in their uncompromising music, which reflects their dedication to melody, rhythm, culture and the spontaneous spirit of jazz.

“Capping it off was ‘Take Five’, in which Dan Brubeck breathed new life into the obligatory drum solo, taking a turn that might have become de riguer, and treating the audience to as fine an extended performance as has been rendered on one of jazz’s most famous tunes.” –M.J. Katz, Monterey Jazz Festival

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