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Cahalen Morrison and Eli West

April 30, 2011
8:00 PM


With a handful of acoustic instruments and the clear harmonies of bluegrass song traditions, Cahalen and Eli have created an entirely new strain of roots music. Their sound crosses the warmth of old-time with the fierceness of bluegrass, and high lonesome harmonies that would fit into any evening at the Opry. Together, they’ve taken time-tested musical traditions, and bent them into new shapes to fit a new world.

Cahalen Morrison is a genuine, old-time musician, who blends his love of American roots music with the dusty land of his childhood in rural New Mexico. Building on influences like Norman Blake, Greg Brown, and Tim O’Brien, his music twists and turns in familiar, yet unexpected ways.

Eli West, a distinctive multi-instrumentalist with bluegrass roots, has found common ground with Cahalen from which many beautiful ideas have grown. Based in Seattle, Eli is a busy arranger and composer with an addiction to syncopation and crooked harmonies.

The roots of Cahalen Morrison and Eli West are strong, their branches are shady, and the guitars, banjos, mandolins, and harmonies will carry you far off the beaten path to a place under open Western skies.
Cahalen Morrison

Eli West

Cahalen and Eli

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