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Book reading and signing for Kevin Hurley's "Cut and Cover"

September 21, 2014
1:30 PM


“Terrorists Openly Killed on American Streets – A Conflicted Operative Mentored by the CIA and Pursued by the FBI”

A book signing for author Kevin Hurley’s new, timely spy thriller “Cut and Cover”

Recruited by the CIA for his exemplary skills in hand-to-hand combat, and small arms weaponry, John Rexford completes a string of successful kills, eliminating terrorists and their money supply in the New York Metropolitan area. With the FBI hot on his trail and wanting to prosecute him for these illegal assassinations on U.S. soil, John must find a way to stop an international team of explosives experts from destroying NYC’s aqueducts, killing thousands with chlorine gas and burning the five boroughs to the ground. To avoid life in prison and an untimely death, John will have to survive a battle with the most lethal assassin the underworld has known, save the innocent people of NYC, and escape the FBI’s tightening noose. The price of his success and a path away from this life of killing, were he to know it, may be too high for even John Rexford.

A PDF of a recent review is here: http://www.pestedcampus.com/pested/courses/courses/KIRKUS%20REVIEW.pdf

Kevin Hurley draws his inspiration from a family history of military service, spanning the Korean War to present day Afghanistan, as well his martial arts interests. His professional career includes corporate and government agency consulting, and is a Board Certified Entomologist specializing in EPA regulations. He lives in the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York, where he is an avid cyclist and practitioner of Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan. His current novel combines personal knowledge of the warrior’s mind, hand to hand combat, and government bureaucracy.

“A resounding character study just as much as it is an action novel, and both are equally triumphant.” –Kirkus Reviews

“Once a reader picks it up, they’re locked… it’s such a good read.” –Michael Gaylin, Director/Screenwriter

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