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Book Launch with Brent Robison and Tom Newton

September 08, 2019
2:00 PM


Brent Robison and Tom Newton, co-hosts of the literary podcast The Strange Recital, are happy to announce the launch of their new publishing company, Recital Publishing. Their initial offerings are their own books: Robison’s novel Ponckhockie Union and Newton’s collection of short stories, Seven Cries of Delight. They’re sticking with their story: fiction that questions the nature of reality (whatever that means to you).

Join us for a reading/signing event with a convivial atmosphere gently interrupted by strangeness and wonder, accompanied by the usual delectable food and drink offerings of the Rosendale Cafe!

"Ponckhockie Union is an alchemical exploit in which trauma and synchronicity operate as elixirs, ennobling ordinary lives. Its elegant clarity presents two kinds of detective story, one unfolding in New York’s Hudson Valley and the other in the mind of a man who finds his own sense of self getting in the way..."  —Djelloul Marbrook, award-winning poet/novelist, Far from Algiers, The Light Piercing Water Trilogy

"Radically disorientating, witty and discerning, Tom Newton's new collection of stories plays with space, time and the interstices of consciousness, and in turn provokes, disconcerts and always entertains." —Salley Vickers, author of The Other Side of You and Miss Garnet's Angel

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