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Big Joe Fitz & The Lo-Fi's

February 10, 2018
8:00 PM


“What makes Big Joe So Big?”

For sure he’s a Big talent. Why does every venue in The Valley want Joe Fitz on their stage? Because he’s more than an entertainer; not just a pretty face with a harp in his mouth, not just a first class purveyor of the blues and roots tradition. It’s his soul, large, wide, real, and molasses sweet. That’s what attracts people. He’s one of those rare folks who you feel you are “in the presence of” and better off for it. He isn’t just singing for us. He sings to the spirit that moves within him, this gentle man.

“The Lo-Fi’s, a charming misnomer, are high up in musical stature. Robert Bard is a human clock of a bass player with a deep groove. Every note and pause he submits is minted with a silver touch. Mark Dziuba plays the guitar, but actually, he lifts it up as a living voice to the muse. The neon blue lines he tosses out there snag every catfish in the creek. Eric Parker is what you’d call ‘a gift drummer’. He has a large toolbox, but he only uses the ones he needs; the ones that are called for at the moment. He can rock the foundations, but with a sense of dynamics that suit every phrase of the music. He’s the drummer you hope to have behind you.” –Cafe Guide

Big Joe Fitz is a smooth singer, mellow and easy like a jazz singer, but deeply rooted in the blues. The sound is clean, refined and elegant… just jazzy enough to make it smooth and bluesy enough not to lose its edge; a first rate musician with a band to match.” –Living Blues Magazine

‘Should Known Better’ is the latest CD: “Infused with quiet compassion, 4 Stars” –Downbeat Magazine

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