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Big Boss Sausage

March 21, 2015
8:00 PM


Members of the Big Boss Sausage have performed in almost every state in the nation, at venues ranging from stadiums to gas stations. Their live shows are exhilarating and engaging. The band is known for their sometimes hilarious, sometimes riveting original music. On occasion, they add a Carpathian, gypsy twist to popular ditties.

The band also extemporizes lost classics and obscure melodies. If the crowd plays its cards right, they may get to witness a tempestuous bellowing of The Gambler, by Kenny Rogers. “This rendition is so bizarre, there is no chance we can get sued”, claims Mingo Lodge, alleged crooner and fret maestro of the Big Boss Sausage.

“Their power-punching, emotionally riveting, sometimes tender, sometimes hilarious shows have been entertaining audiences nationwide for over 15 years.” –The Sparta Independent

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