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Acadien Cajun Band

March 12, 2011
8:00 PM


In the spring of 2000, Acadien Cajun Band was created with the intention and the will to carry the tradition of South Louisian music one step further. Unlike the typical cajun and zydeco band, relying on standard sounds was not one of the band’s primary objectives. Ryan Simon, the band’s founder and guitarist / accordionist, states that “we are, and have always been for that matter, a band that relies on each other for our initiative and our sound. We are fundamentally traditional in what we play, whether it be standard tunes or not, yet we aspire to be ‘originally challenged’”. Well, “Originally Challenged” as Ryan puts it, is the ever-present aspect that defines the band. Since the band first started playing venues and festivals, the main objective has been originality. The culmination of that can be seen on their brand new release, Sounds Like Us.

“This is a three-alarm Cajun alert… these boys have got it… they play like they invented it.” –Cafe Guide

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