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Singer-Songwriter Tuesdays twice every month

Join us for our musical showcase on second and fourth Tuesdays at the Cafe. Click here for more information.
Chess Night - Every Wednesday night at the Cafe

Chess aficionados converge at the Cafe on Wednesdays at 7:00pm. Chess players should bring their own boards and pieces.

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Events for the Rest of May 2015    Recent artists
May's Featured Visual Artists are Nancy Ostrovsky and Eric John Herr, Exhibiting "Music Can Come from Nowhere"

Sat May 23

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Appearing Tomorrow
AmeranoucheThe award winning Ameranouche (pronounced uh-Mare-uh-noosh) plays a passionate style of music they call "Gypsy Flamenco Swing". They are veterans of the Newport Jazz Festival, Djangofest Northwest, Muzikfest Bethlehem, PA, and the National Press Club. The name is derived from two words: American and Manouche, the gypsy tribe of guitarist Django Reinhardt. The rip-roaring ensemble is a super force of hot acoustic Gypsy inspired music mixing Flamenco, Bebop and Jazz swing influences. Played on traditional French jazz guitars, the music is rhythmic, vigorous, and elegant. Whether they're playing a musette waltz from 1930, or an Andalusian inspired original tune, Ameranouche's Gypsy Flamenco Swing style is a fresh and highly enjoyable new sound for the 21st century.

Gypsy Flamenco Swing is about coming together and celebrating our shared humanity. Ameranouche is committed to connecting deeply with its audience and sharing joy and peace through its live shows and recorded albums.

"Ameranouche had the audience from the opening number then proceeded to blow the room away. From Django Reinhardt classics to musette waltzes to hot, swinging original tunes, Ameranouche earned every ounce of the standing ovation that they received at the end of the night." --Brett Hartenbach, FPFC Concert Series

"In my opinion, more than an exceptional form of gypsy oriented jazz, Ameranouche is a capture of joyfulness itself." --Pat Martino

"Their unique Gypsy Jazz sound, undeniable talent and cool, mellow stage presence makes them a crowd favorite at any live show" --Alyssa Jane Hale,

Tue May 26

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Singer-Songwriter Tuesdays
Singer-Songwriter TuesdaysJoin rampant host John P. Hughes as he presents another in the Cafe's ongoing series of music showcases. Enjoy both veteran and up-and-coming performers playing 15 minute sets from 8:00pm-10:00pm.

The scheduled musicians for this evening are Norman Uniform, Ami Madeleine, John Pray, James Hearne, Neil Levy, and Jonathan Boulay.
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Thu May 28
$10.00 with lesson, $5.00 for just dancing

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Salsa Thursday with lessons and Latin dancing
Salsa Thursday with lessons and Latin dancingThe Rosendale Cafe continues their series of Latin dance events on most Thursday nights, each starting with an all-levels lesson from 7:30pm to 8:30pm, and dancing until 10:30pm. Argentinean instructor Maia Martinez leads dance forms that may include Salsa, Mambo, Merengue, Cha Cha, and Bachata. Click on Maia's photo for more information about her work.

Sat May 30

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Amy and Leslie
Amy and LeslieAmy Fradon and Leslie Ritter are back to the Cafe for a delightful evening of the most luscious harmonies you will ever hear. Their unique and magical blend of voices and vocal arrangements won them widespread critical acclaim and two recording contracts, as well as numerous recording sessions for artists such as Livingston Taylor, Happy and Artie Traum, and Ed Sanders and the Fugs. Amy and Leslie sing a broad span of music, from folk and country to blues and gospel, backed up by the elegant work of Cathie Malach on keyboard, Ken McGloin on guitar, and Eric Parker on percussion. If you have not yet heard Amy and Leslie, your heart will surely sing when you spend an evening with them at the Cafe, for an intimate and truly memorable performance of sensational, vocal music.

Amy Fradon is well-known for her sweet and soaring vocals and heartfelt songwriting. She has a wide range of styles, and has been compared to Joan Baez as well as Aretha Franklin. Amy has been a successful session singer and has toured extensively with various theatre and music ensembles, including Pumpboys and Dinettes, the Vananver Caravan and Face the Music. She has 3 critically acclaimed, solo, self-produced CDs; and is the creator of the Vocal Visionary Voice Work, helping people to discover confidence and freedom through the voice.

Leslie Ritter's lush tones and crystal clear melodic lines deliver songs that soar, crafted with lyrics that give a personal spin on universal themes: love and longing, that illusive balance between independence and inter-relatedness, sorrow, joy... life. Leslie grew up in the Philadelphia suburbs. Her mother, a Julliard trained pianist and teacher, and her father a French horn player, nurtured her early affinity to music. By age five she was singing show tunes, Frank Sinatra ballads and Puccini arias. Since then she has performed and recorded with an ever-widening circle of artists who appreciate her unique sensibilities as a live performer and superb studio vocalist, including James and Livingston Taylor, Robbie Dupree, David Wilcox, Rory Block, Dr. John, Jules Shear, John Sebastian, John Hall, Kris Kristofferson, Artie Traum, Rick Danko, The Fugs, and others.

Cathie Malach has been playing and composing on piano for over 45 years (and yet, she's only 35 years old... a miracle). She's composed and recorded several albums with Kim Rosen, and collaborated with artists such as Peter Kater, Chris White, David Darling, Paul McCandless, and of course, Amy and Leslie. She's also composed for children's theatre, and performed improvisational music for transformational workshops throughout the country.

Ken McGloin is Senior Partner and Musical Director at Face The Music... a collaboration between great musicians and experienced organizational consultants; who use music and songwriting to help business teams work together with greater purpose, passion, and productivity. 
 He also teaches music at several different schools in the Hudson Valley of New York. Ken performs, records and produces music with some of the finest musicians in New York. He co-produced the song, "Annabel" ...a number-one hit on Sirius radio, and collaborated on the Grammy-winning album, "The Okee Dokee".

Eric Parker was born on a drum set to a father and four other brothers who also played drums. Eric's enthusiastic, creative, and utterly reliable playing made him a name worldwide playing with such artists as Bonnie Raitt, Joe Cocker, Steve Winwood, Ian Hunter, Lou Reed, and many others. Locally, he was the beloved backbeat for The Rhinestones, Marc Black, John Sebastian, John Hall, and Orleans. He enjoys hiking around, painting and drawing, and building things out of stone... when hes' not drumming.

Due to the expected high turnout for this event, and the Cafe's first-come-first-serve policy, audience members are encouraged to come as early as possible for seating.

"An acoustic duo from the Hudson Valley reunited... and played like they had never been apart a day ...Amy & Leslie's heavenly blend was always their calling card and in Albany, that was not diminished one iota. Looking casual and comfortable... it was simply captivating." --David Malachowski, on Amy and Leslie's reunion performance in Albany, from


Events for June 2015

Sat Jun 6

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Frank Vignola and Bucky Pizzarelli
Frank Vignola and Bucky PizzarelliWith just two guitars, legendary virtuosos Bucky Pizzarelli and Frank Vignola craft a seamless blend of classics from the great American songbook, providing the perfect musical compliment for wherever you are and whatever you are doing. Bucky and Frank set the mood through gorgeous melodies gently strummed and picked as only these two masters are capable.

Dinner music gets a bad rap. When you take a moment to consider evening meal soundtracks, you probably conjure up auditory images of bland sounds that quietly arrive and depart... much like the succulent scents of various dishes... yet never quite register in the old memory bank. However, just because a musical vibe happens to go well with nightfall's tastes and aromas doesn't automatically make it a bad thing. Fine wine doesn't get knocked whenever it compliments a meal. In fact, such beverages actually gain respect for how they enhance the dining experience. So why doesn't music get these same props? There could just be a double standard at play here.

Let's begin undoing this injustice with a few thoughts about Bucky Pizzarelli and Frank Vignola. These two fine acoustic jazz guitarists released their excellent Moonglow CD back in 2005, an album that goes just as well with beef as it does with fish. Moonglow is a 16-song set of jazz and pop standards, comforting on the ears and easy to digest. Nothing here requires concentrated mastication; it all flows together seamlessly in one continuous, beatific, aural stream.

Nevertheless, true jazz connoisseurs will likely pick up on the many subtle flavors. Listen closely, and you can hear how notes are carefully bent during "P.S. I Love You," or just let yourself bask in how "I'm Confessin'" and "Deep Purple" swing easily without ever jerking the listener. "Whispering" features some relatively aggressive rhythmic strumming, but this is only done in order to keep the tempo clicking along. "Moonglow" opens with an amazing string-of-notes solo, but this moment of flash is a rarity; there is very little showing off going on around here.

"An extraordinary event... two giants meet for an evening of great American music." --Cafe Guide

Tue Jun 9

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Singer-Songwriter Tuesdays
Singer-Songwriter TuesdaysJoin host John P. Hughes as he presents another in the Cafe's ongoing series of music showcases. Enjoy both veteran and up-and-coming performers playing 15 minute sets from 8:00pm-10:00pm.

The scheduled musicians for this evening are Patrick Smith, Tara Somerville, Justin Tracy, The Devil in Sequins, and Carole White.

Sat Jun 13

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Abby Hollander Band
Abby Hollander BandThis bluegrass trio plays beautifully crafted and arranged songs... many of them being Abby's originals, along with some standards, and even one of her brother's. The songs are delivered with intricate three part harmonies, and the stellar musicianship of Ellery Marshall on the banjo and Jeff Picker on the bass.

You might Abby Hollander playing last year at the Cafe with another of her bands, The Boot Heel Drag. She's a singer, songwriter, and guitar player originally from Woodstock, NY. Coming from a family of musicians, she was raised on an eclectic mix of bluegrass, country, and jazz... which were played on the stereo a little and the back porch a lot. In her travels so far she's studied voice, violin, and theatre; absorbed some swing and blues from a stint in Austin; taught English to little kids in Spain; taught Spanish to little kids in Brooklyn; and moved a piano across the country twice to finally settle in New York and make music.

Fri Jun 26

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Mark Brown
Mark BrownCome on out and join Mark Brown, along with Dean Jones, Ken McGloin and John Parker; as they dust up the Cafe with the release of Mark's new CD, "Skin and Bone".

When you first listen to Mark Brown, you might find yourself wondering where he's been and why it took him so long to get here. Combining a sharp eye with a sly sense of humor reminiscent of John Prine, Mark makes songs that hail from everywhere, incorporating ballads, cowboy songs, jigs, sideshow melodies, and field hollers. His songs give voice to craftsmen, broken-hearted mechanics, heavy equipment operators, squatters, and girls with their dirt bikes. Like many of his characters, he's been around: after growing up in Maryland, Mark's done some farming, worked as a mechanic, spent years as a commercial fisherman in the northern Pacific, and worked as a carpenter in the northeastern US. These experiences have influenced his music the way an oak cask influences good whiskey.

Mark got his first Johnny Cash record when he was 6 years old, and wore it out in short order. A farrier took him to his first Tom Waits show in 1975, and that set fire to the barn, flipped the car in the ditch, and started Mark on his own musical career. Mark has been writing, playing and performing for the last 25 years... writing interesting, carefully crafted songs that maintain a soulful integrity, while never taking themselves too seriously.

"Mark Brown may well be the preeminent songwriter of the Hudson Valley." --Cafe Guide

"Mark Brown writes songs that stick like a knife in the heart. His is a a voice of hardship, full of ruts and shakes, kicking up emotion in every line of every cut." --M. Morganstern
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Sat Jun 27

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Tani Tabbal Trio
Tani Tabbal TrioTani Tabbal began playing drums professionally as a teen, performing with Oscar Brown Jr., Phil Cohran, and 
Sun Ra and his Arkestra.

Tabbal has recorded, performed and toured with a wide range of musicians, including Roscoe Mitchell, David Murray, Geri Allen, Cassandra Wilson, James Carter, Karl Berger, Dewey Redman, David "Fathead" Newman, Evan Parker, Anthony Braxton, Douglas Ewart, Oliver Lake, Muhal Richard Abrams, Henry Threadgill, Richard Davis, Leroy Jenkins, Milt Jackson, and Jackie McLean.

Tani Tabbal is known as a dynamic, lyrical and energetic drummer. As a recording artist, he is on over 70 CDs and has released three CDs as a bandleader: Before Time After, Wizards, and Mixed Motion (set to release April 2015).

Tani brings to Rosendale Cafe his trio, with the talented Adam Siegel on alto saxophone, and the seasoned and expressive bassist, Michael Bisio. A night of beautiful, and very exciting music is certain.

Events for July 2015

Fri Jul 3

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Krewe de la Rue
Krewe de la RueKrewe de la Rue is a Cajun band born out of our local fiddle and dance community. The Krewe traces its roots back to the fiddle and dance camp at Ashokan, where in the late 1980s, the great fiddler and "Cajun Ambassador" Dewey Balfa, along with his proteges Steve Riley, Tracy Schwarz and Peter Schwarz first brought Cajun music to the Hudson Valley.

The band is Roger Weiss on fiddle, Buffy Lewis on guitar, Laren Droll on accordion, Maggie McManus on tee-fer, Gary Graef on bass, and June Drucker on drums. They have years of experience in roots music, including both Cajun and Zydeco genres. Together, they create the special mix that is Krewe de la Rue. Even if you have never danced, you'll want to once you hear this energized and engaging band.

"This is some free-wheelin', not over rehearsed, rough-edged throw down with its tail tied tight in Lafayette; my kind of gumbo." --Cafe Guide

Fri Jul 10

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Isle of Klezbos
Isle of KlezbosNYC-based Isle of Klezbos approaches tradition with irreverence and respect. The soulful, fun-loving all-women's klezmer powerhouse has toured from Vienna to Vancouver since 1998. Band repertoire ranges from rambunctious to entrancing: neo-traditional folk dance, mystical melodies, Yiddish swing and retro tango, late Soviet-era Jewish drinking song, re-grooved standards, and genre-defying originals. The band's concert footage has been broadcast internationally on CBS Sunday Morning, CNN World-Beat, and PBS In The Life, and their live and studio recordings have also been heard on The L Word (Showtime), WFMU, Northeast Public Radio (Live at the Linda), and film soundtracks for Grace Paley: Collected Shorts, Esther Broner: A Weave of Women, and I Guess I'm Not Going to Get to Vegas, among others. The band has also been commissioned to
work with singer/songwriter Jill Sobule's original "Music from Yentl" project; and to create a concert for artist Kiki Smith and studio recordings of Klezbos arrangements for multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated, Scissor Sisters.

Performing at the Cafe will be the Isle of Klezbos quartet special. This incarnation features Debra Kreisberg on clarinet and alto saxophone, Pam Fleming and trumpet and flugelhorn, Shoko Nagai on accordion, and Eve Sicular on drums (and as bandleader).

Photos credits: The left side (trio) by Steve Toya; accordion solo photo by Hank Gans.

"Cutting Edge Klezmer" --The New Yorker

"One of New York's most exciting groups in any style" --New York Music Daily

"These ladies are damned good musicians, period." --Edge New York

"Six sexy women give a creative kick to classic klezmer music." --New York Daily News

"These women will make you shake your tushies!" --Village Voice

"Isle of Klezbos tests the elasticity of the genre" --The New Yorker

Events for August 2015

Fri Aug 7

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James Reams & The Barnstormers
James Reams & The BarnstormersJames Reams formed The Barnstormers in 1993. Coming from a family of traditional singers in southeastern Kentucky, James has played both old-time and bluegrass music since he was just a little sprout. James is known as an "ambassador of Bluegrass" for his dedication to, and deep involvement in, the thriving bluegrass and Americana music community. To date, he has released eight CDs including a special DVD documentary of the band. His original songs (alone and co-written with Tina Aridas) are important additions to the bluegrass repertoire, keeping this tradition alive with contemporary issues and new sounds. His guitar playing was highlighted in Flatpicking Guitar Magazine's "Masters of Rhythm Guitar" column. James is also the organizer of the Park Slope Bluegrass Oldtime Music Jamboree, an annual music festival he started in 1998, that attracts musicians and fans of traditional music to its workshops, jamming, and concerts... the only event of its kind in or around New York City.

Mark Farrell, like James, is no stranger to bluegrass and old-time country music, having played and recorded for many years with a number of bluegrass and old-time string bands, including Major Contay & The Canebrake Rattlers. He also contributes his great arranging talent to many of the band's recordings. His great hoedown fiddling and edgy mandolin playing (as well as his sometimes unpredictable humor) earns him friends wherever he goes.

Doug Nicolaisen has been playing banjo with bluegrass bands in the NY tri-state area for over 17 years. His music incorporates many of the best elements of all the major banjo players, yet his style reflects an individuality of its own, and adds to the hard-driving energy of the band.

Nick Sullivan has been playing bass since he was a tot. Back in the northern woods of Wisconsin, he started playing 1950s rock and roll when he was 12, and has covered lots of musical terrain since that time, from ragtime jazz and West African traditional music, to early country music and bluegrass. He adds rock-solid bass and great singing to the Barnstormers' sound.

Sat Aug 22

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Cricket Tell the Weather
Cricket Tell the WeatherCricket Tell the Weather is a Brooklyn based string band with its roots deep in the bluegrass tradition, and its branches stretching wherever the sun shines. Winners of the 2013 FreshGrass Award, Cricket combines indie folk songwriting and traditional bluegrass instruments. As a listener, you can expect Cricket's core to beat with the heart of a restless spirit, determined to play it out and move along. Whether you want to call it a folk roots string band, or an indie bluegrass quartet; it's going to be personal in a way that stretches against categories, and familiar in a way that honors those who have come before... most certainly, it will take you on a trip.

Award-winning songwriter Andrea Asprelli (fiddle) came to the east coast from Colorado's front range, and was shaped by local bluegrass communities scattered across Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York; before co-founding Cricket Tell the Weather and setting up shop in Brooklyn, NY. Winner of the 2011 Podunk Songwriting Competition, Andrea is joined by Doug Goldstein on banjo, Jeff Picker on guitar, Sam Weber on bass, and Dave Goldenberg on mandolin. The band has twice been awarded the Neighborhood Arts & Heritage Grant from the City of Bridgeport, and is actively involved in providing bluegrass workshops to students of all ages under their "American Roots Revival" workshop series. In 2014, Cricket released its independent eponymous debut album of original music, recorded at Signature Sounds studio in Pomfret Center, CT.

Events for September 2015

Sat Sep 5

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Foghorn Stringband
Foghorn StringbandCredited for igniting the Old Time Renaissance in the Northwest, Foghorn Stringband continues to stand out as the shining gold standard for American Stringband music. Seven albums, thousand of shows, and over a decade of touring under their belts, it's no surprise they have two entirely new generations of old-time musicians following their lead. Through all of this, they've never let the music grow cold; instead they've been steadily proving that American Roots music is a never-ending well of inspiration.

Today Foghorn Stringband features the intertwining harmonies of founding members Stephen "Sammy" Lind and Caleb Klauder, along with powerhouse vocalists Reeb Willms and Nadine Landry. They all bring a wealth of songs, instruments and traditions making them a festival favorite from coast to coast and around the globe.

This event was originally scheduled for April 4, 2015.

"Talk about a band that deserves more due. The Foghorn Stringband has quietly become one of the country's longest-tenured underground stringbands, releasing now 7 albums, playing thousands of shows..." --Saving Country Music

"[Foghorn Stringband]... is among the finest practitioners of American old-time music on the globe, a string band whose faithful renditions of songs from bygone decades are no less than living, breathing history." --Ned Lannamann, The Portland Mercury

"The Foghorn Stringband play old-time American string-band music - and they play it with all the passion, warmth, bite and fire of an illicit spirit. And I'm here to tell you that their latest album 'Outshine the Sun' is as close as you'll get to treading the boards of genuine, smooth-distilled, double-rectified American roots music." --Tom Franks, Folk Words
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Sat Sep 12

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Roy Book Binder
Roy Book BinderThe rambling country blues legend returns to the Hudson Valley for a night of frightfully good music and humor.

This stirring folk/blues guitarist and vocalist has been playing country blues since the mid-'60s, when he began recording for Blue Goose. Greatly influenced by Rev. Gary Davis and Pink Anderson, Book Binder played in East Coast coffeehouses in the early '60s, then began accompanying Rev. Davis on tours in the mid-'60s. He also played with Larry Johnson, Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup, and Homesick James. Besides constant concerts and tours, Book Binder's made additional recordings for Blue Goose, as well as Adelphi and Rounder.

Book Binder began playing blues guitar while he was enlisted in the navy. Following his discharge from the military, he enrolled in Rhode Island Junior College. After a brief spell there, he attended New York's New School for Social Research. Book Binder quit school in 1967, after he met the Rev. Gary Davis. Roy became Davis' chauffeur, during which he took extensive lessons from the blind guitarist. Book Binder started his recording career slowly, cutting some singles for Kicking Mule and Blue Goose in 1968. In 1969, he toured England with Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup and Homesick James. The following year, he released his first album, Travelin' Man on Adelphi. After the release of Travelin' Man, he began touring America extensively.

Book Binder began playing with fiddler Fats Kaplin in 1973, recording Git Fiddle Shuffle the same year. Roy and Fats were a duo for three years, playing numerous concerts and recording a second album, Ragtime Millionaire in 1976. Following the release of Ragtime Millionaire, the duo stopped performing together and Book Binder bought a motor home, which became his permanent residence. Live performances became his primary concern after the release of Goin' Back to Tampa in 1979. For nearly ten years, he toured the country in the motor home, driving himself from club to club, hitting numerous coffeehouses and festivals along the way.

Book Binder returned to recording in 1988, releasing Bookaroo! on Rounder Records. During the '90s, he recorded regularly... releasing an album every two to four years... in addition to his constant touring.

"Roy's one of the Great Ones, unearthly pickin', story tellin' wit... he's an ambassador of the tradition and a legend himself." --Cafe Guide

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