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Chess Night - Every Wednesday night at the Cafe

Chess aficionados converge Wednesdays at 7:00pm. Players should bring their own boards & pieces.

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Events for the Rest of July 2016    Recent artists
July's Featured Visual Artist is Ruth Wetzel, Exhibiting "Swamp Visions"

After 25 years of painting, printmaking, and drawing, Ruth now focuses on bringing viewers an intimate look at swamps.

Salsa Thursday with lessons and Latin dancing

Appearing Tomorrow
Thu Jul 28
$10.00 with lesson, $5.00 for just dancing

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Salsa Thursday with lessons and Latin dancingThe Rosendale Cafe continues their series of Latin dance events on Thursday nights, each starting with an all-levels lesson from 7:30pm to 8:30pm, and dancing until 10:30pm. Instructor David Salvatierra and Julia Farr will lead dance forms that may include Salsa, Mambo, Merengue, Cha Cha, Bachata, and now the fun style of Rueda de Casino.

Rueda de Casino is a style where several couples dance choreographically around a circle, with dance moves spoken by a "caller". This style was developed in Cuba in the 1950s, and is the greatest way to learn salsa as community. Everyone can join this class!
Jesse Lege & Bayou Brew

Fri Jul 29

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Jesse Lege & Bayou BrewBringing foot stomping' Cajun music to the world one dance hall at a time... Jesse Lege is the Real Deal.

For over 40 years, Lege has been bringing traditional Cajun dance hall music from the dusty back roads of southwest Louisiana, coast to coast and around the world, playing everywhere from local neighborhood dance halls to the largest international festivals.

Today, Lege is one of the most-admired Cajun accordionists and vocalists from Southwest Louisiana, and has garnered numerous Cajun French Music Association awards, known as the "Cajun Grammys." They include Traditional Band of the Year, Accordion Player of the Year, Male Vocalist of the Year, Band of the Year, and... for "Memoires Dans Mon Coeur"... he won Song of the Year.

Jesse Lege & Bayou Brew brings you deep into Cajun tradition, with accordion (Jesse), fiddle (Darren Wallace), guitar (Erica Weiss) and bass (Evelyn Schneider), and songs that melt your heart too. For dancers and listeners alike, a Jesse Lege & Bayou Brew event is always like a party, filled with old and new friends!
Lara Hope & The Ark-Tones

Sat Jul 30

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Lara Hope & The Ark-TonesNamed the "Best Up-and-Coming Band" in 2015 by Hudson Valley Magazine, and nominated for "Best Rockabilly Female" at the 2016 Ameripolitan Music Awards, Lara Hope and the Ark-Tones are NY's premier rockabilly, roots rock n' roll, and rhythm & blues outfit. With the release of their fully crowd-funded debut album, Luck Maker, a music video for their single "Whiskey Pick" (official selection of the Woodstock Film Festival, and in WDST's top 100 songs), and a relentless performance and touring schedule, it has proven to be an exciting time for the Ark-Tones.

Born from a hybrid of Lara's former Rockabilly band The Champtones, and upright bassist Matt's international psychobilly act The Arkhams, The Ark-Tones hit the ground running in 2012 with the addition of Chris Heitzman on guitar and Dave Tetreault on drums. This fun-loving bunch packs the dance floor with their own original musical offerings in the vintage style, as well as re-workings of classics and standards. This "travelin' band" is out there pleasing listeners of all ages and walks of life... wherever they roam.

Events for August 2016
Mark Brown

Sat Aug 6

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Mark BrownCome on out and join Mark Brown, along with Dean Jones, Ken McGloin and Mark Murphy; as they dust up the Cafe with songs born of Ulster County.

When you first listen to Mark Brown, you might find yourself wondering where he's been and why it took him so long to get here. Combining a sharp eye with a sly sense of humor reminiscent of John Prine, Mark makes songs that hail from everywhere, incorporating ballads, cowboy songs, jigs, sideshow melodies, and field hollers. His songs give voice to craftsmen, broken-hearted mechanics, heavy equipment operators, squatters, and girls with their dirt bikes. Like many of the characters in his songs, Mark has been around: after growing up in Maryland, Mark did some farming, spent years as a commercial fisherman in the northern Pacific, worked as mechanic and a carpenter. Mark got his first first Johnny Cash record at six years old and he wore it out. Seeing a Tom Waits show in 1975 inspired Mark's musical career. He's been writing, playing, and performing since then, with carefully crafted songs that maintain a soulful integrity leveled with a rye sense of humor.

Last year Mark released his latest CD, Skin & Bone, which can be heard on WKZE and WDST locally.

"...finally it's here, and worth the wait... Stunning tracks keep arriving as this amazing CD wanders on... Singer Songwriters like Mark Brown are rare, CD's of the scope and style of Skin & Bone are even rarer. Everything about Mark Browns album is exceptional. When a critic gets a CD like this, words somehow don't seem enough... Mark Brown is probably a genius, and his new album? Well that is simply a masterpiece, a major work by a vital country singer." --Paul Riley, Country Music People

"Mark Brown populates his stories with diverse characters who are not at all easy to place, but because of that all the more plausible and fascinating." --Ctrl.Alt.Country, Netherlands (translated)

"Mark Brown sings mostly about the small and everyday things that make life delightful (or difficult); about larger than life emotions (without melodrama), or, as in 'Smashed', about spiritual willpower, which is ever again defeated by weakness of the flesh. and then again; I often had the feeling he may be singing the lyrics with a wink." --Mark Kerren, Rock Times, Germany (translated)

"'Skin & Bone' collects thirty years of experience and character... bitter ballads and stories with a pinch of irony... solid songwriting and an air of an authentic troubadour, without taking itself too seriously. Mark is a great artisan of Americana, with years of hard work on his shoulders... and you can feel the difference." --Roots Highway, Italy (translated)
Singer-Songwriter Tuesdays

Tue Aug 9

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Singer-Songwriter TuesdaysJoin host John P. Hughes as he presents another in the Cafe's ongoing series of music showcases. Enjoy both veteran and up-and-coming performers playing 15 minute sets from 8:00pm-10:00pm.

The scheduled musicians for this evening are Carole White, Zerena Lupo, Luci Aprilwine Windsong-Rain, Flamingo Jeff Pfeffer, Philip Monteleoni, and Kevin O'Connell.
Holy Crow Jazz Band

Sat Aug 13

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Holy Crow Jazz BandBased out of New York City, Holy Crow Jazz Band performs traditional American jazz music from the 1920s throughout the 1930s. The band's repertoire includes many instrumental pieces that were written, or made popular by, great musicians of the past... such as King Oliver, Kid Ory, Bix Beiderbecke, and Red Nichols, just to name a few.

Like a roaring freight train to cooing dove, lead vocals by Jessy Carolina (recently featured in the internationally acclaimed video game BioShock Infinite) sound as if they're coming out of an old Victrola on a worn 78 record. She also plays a mean washboard!

The band's stompy and lively sound can be attributed to its heavy horns and solid rhythm section led by Carolina's husband, Mario J. Maggio (clarinet and tenor saxophone). On trumpet, and occasional singer of a song or two, is the vivacious and entertaining Jesse Selengut. "Tuba Joe" Exley moves bodies out of seats and Adam Brisbin mesmerizes audiences with his resonator guitar.

Holy Crow Jazz Band transports audience members back through the times of feel-good Prohibition era speakeasies, where people were untroubled by consequence, and hardships of the Depression era, when music seemed to be the only cure for sorrow and loss.

"I run a movie theater, so I pick about 100 films each year to play in New York City, but one of the best things I've ever done to entertain my audiences was to ask Jessy Carolina to come play guitar between shows on big weekends at IFC Center. Watching unsuspecting moviegoers walk into the theater on a Friday night and realize that they're being treated to a real live folk music show is a real pleasure. Jessy is a great musician and perhaps more important, as a student of folk and blues from the pre-war era, she's helping keep great music from the last century alive today." --John Vanco, IFC Center Vice President

"Generally speaking, roots musicians aren't great at jazz, and jazz players don't do roots music so well. These guys have no problem doing both. But pulling this all together and taking it several flying leaps higher, is the vocalist, Jessy Carolina. She doesn't sing songs as much as she embodies them. Her singing and moves are both about as good as it gets. A friend I brought to see the band said the only problem he had was that he would get so caught up in Jessy's singing that he had trouble paying attention to her performing, then he'd immediately get so caught up in watching her, he would forget about the song, back and forth, back and forth. But all the while, he said, 'I couldn't take my eyes off her'." --Peter Stampfel, The Holy Modal Rounders

"Jessy Carolina has a fresh lively approach to old time jazz and popular music, Jessy will sing it right to your heart and the band will keep you dancing." --Eli Smith, Down Home Radio Show

"Jessy Carolina has one of the most powerful voices in Old-time music today... They look good, feel good and play good!" --John Henneghan, world renowned 78 rpm collector

"Jessy Carolina's heartfelt, tender vocals evoke feelings of a golden age gone by." --Simon Hammerstein, grandson of lyricist Oscar Hammerstein II

"Jessy Carolina's voice touches your soul the second you hear it! If Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald had a child together, it could not be more talented." --Christof Bergman, Composer and Metropolitan Opera affiliate
Pine Leaf Boys

Sat Aug 20

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Pine Leaf BoysLouisiana's finest, the four-time Grammy-Nominated Pine Leaf Boys have made a name for presenting their own inimitable brand of Cajun music with youthful exuberance. Hailing from southwest Louisiana, the Pine Leaf Boys, known for their wild shows and thoughtful arrangements, have breathed new life into Cajun music, reviving ancient songs and bringing them to the bandstand.

Being described as, "... the link that connects the young and the old generations," and, "the best new, energetic, and fun Cajun band in a very long time," the Pine Leaf Boys play the old-fashioned dance hall standards while making a priority to bring many of the more obscure songs of past masters into their repertoire and play them with gusto. Their mission is to present the real Cajun music of their ancestors to the world and prove that it is still thriving and full of life.

All five members, in their early 20s... Wilson Savoy, Courtney Granger, Jon Bertrand, Drew Simon, and Thomas David... have been steeped in music since childhood. Hailing from farms and villages in Cajun country, the Pine Leaf Boys have been making a name for themselves not only for their youth, but also by preserving the traditional Cajun sound while allowing it to breathe and stretch. They present their music on twin fiddles, accordion, bass, and drum.

"The live performances of the Pine Leaf Boys are a revelation of anarchy and reverence and manic exuberance funneled through traditional musical forms. Full-throttle and wide open, The Pine Leaf Boys heat the tubes of the old music until they break up into the sweetest distortion imaginable." --Josh Caffery
Singer-Songwriter Tuesdays

Tue Aug 23

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Singer-Songwriter TuesdaysJoin host John P. Hughes as he presents another in the Cafe's ongoing series of music showcases. Enjoy both veteran and up-and-coming performers playing 15 minute sets from 8:00pm-10:00pm.

The scheduled musicians for this evening are Matthew O'Neill, MK Ultra, Brinton Baker, Brian Caserto, James Hearne, and Kayln Rock.

Events for September 2016
Singer-Songwriter Tuesdays

Tue Sep 13

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Singer-Songwriter TuesdaysJoin host John P. Hughes as he presents another in the Cafe's ongoing series of music showcases. Enjoy both veteran and up-and-coming performers playing 15 minute sets from 8:00pm-10:00pm.

The scheduled musicians for this evening are The Wilds, Paul Cataldo, Paul K. Maloney, Roses and Rust, Mitch Katz, and Jim Pospisil.
Cricket Tell the Weather

Sat Sep 17

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Cricket Tell the WeatherCricket Tell the Weather is the creative project of Andrea Asprelli, award-winning songwriter and fiddler. She is backed by a collective of some of the finest players in New York's roots music scene. Winners of the 2013 FreshGrass Award in North Adams, MA; Cricket features award-winning songs delivered with honest vocals and thoughtful arrangements... with a modern edge.

Cricket will be making their return to Rosendale with their brand new album, Tell the Story Right released September 2016.

"[Cricket] uses thoughtful arranging and instrumental restraint, enabling them to sound at home in both traditional and modern styles... there's enough talent in the songwriting, singing, and playing of [Cricket] to make this a young group well worth watching." --Bluegrass Unlimited

"[Asprelli's] down-to-earth, unaffected vocal delivery is refreshing." --New York Music Daily

"The child of an Italian-American and an Indonesian immigrant, Asprelli makes no claims to austere authenticity beyond the honesty of her own creative voice. But her contemporary spin on inherited forms is very much part of the American musical tradition." --The Boston Globe
Singer-Songwriter Tuesdays

Tue Sep 27

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Singer-Songwriter TuesdaysJoin host John P. Hughes as he presents another in the Cafe's ongoing series of music showcases. Enjoy both veteran and up-and-coming performers playing 15 minute sets from 8:00pm-10:00pm.

The scheduled musicians for this evening are Antique Mascara, Rachel & Will Van Carpels, Richard McGraw, Ann Belmont, "Wild" Bill Drucker, and John Hughes himself.

Events for October 2016
Slam Allen

Sat Oct 1

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Slam AllenFor over 20 years, Slam Allen has been entertaining audiences with his unique blend of soul and blues. Playing the famous Chitlin' Circuit as well as performing around the world, Allen's music and enthusiasm has been shared with thousands of people.

For the past eight years he has played an important role, as the lead singer and guitarist, in the legendary James Cotton Band. "It's one of the highlights and privileges of my life to play with Cotton" says Allen. "He is one of the last living legends, and there's so much history there. Cotton was directly connected to Muddy Waters, who was a major factor in the blues world, as well as being one of my all time favorites. Playing with Cotton is such a great experience for me and there are things you can learn from him that you can't learn from any school. It's a great honor."

Allen has received a nomination for a 2016 Blues Music Award.

"Slam's guitar is a generous blue fountain of love. His gospel is the kind you sign up for without hesitation. All are included in the circle of his light." --Cafe Guide
Singer-Songwriter Tuesdays

Tue Oct 11

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Singer-Songwriter TuesdaysJoin host John P. Hughes as he presents another in the Cafe's ongoing series of music showcases. Enjoy both veteran and up-and-coming performers playing 15 minute sets from 8:00pm-10:00pm.

The scheduled musicians for this evening are Barry Adelman, Randy Niles, TheFrank Murashow, Angela Bove, Darryl Rahn, and Star Children/J Mongan solo.
The Lowest Pair

Sat Oct 15

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The Lowest PairThe Lowest Pair features the duel banjo picking of Kendl Winter and Palmer T. Lee, draped in Kendl's high lonesome harmonies and Palmer's Midwest croon.

In Spring of 2016, Team Love Records released two new collections: Fern Girl and Ice Man and Uncertain As It is Uneven. The albums could be viewed as two windows into the growing world of The Lowest Pair. Uncertain stays the course of their previous releases, 36 cents and The Sacred Heart Sessions, being focused on stripped down, intimate arrangements to support their timeless songwriting and haunting vocals. Fern Girl is a more moody and adventurous exploration of new sounds, new studio production directions, and what it might sound like for The Lowest Pair to be backed by a full band, while keeping one foot planted in the rootsy aesthetics which drew them together from the beginning.

"With their bare-bones instrumentation and country-inspired, heartstring-tugging narrative, The Lowest Pair might be one of the best under-the-radar Americana duos today." --Paste Magazine

"World-class banjo riffs, timeless folk song influences, and haunting vocals" --KEXP, The Current
Frank Vignola and Olli Soikkeli

Sat Oct 22

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Frank Vignola and Olli SoikkeliFrank Vignola and Olli Soikkeli will pay tribute to the great Django Reinhardt. They will be performing Django compositions and songs associated with the great legendary gypsy jazz guitarist.

Frank has been performing Django's music since the late 1980s, when he tributed the Hot Club of France at Michael's Pub in Manhattan. Later, in the year 2000, he was the musical director and co-organizer of the Django Reinhardt festival in NYC.

The Wall Street Journal calls Olli Soikkeli "...a riveting finnish guitarist who combines astonishing dexterity and speed with pure soul, in a way that places him among the worthiest current day successors to the legacy of the great Django."
Singer-Songwriter Tuesdays

Tue Oct 25

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Singer-Songwriter TuesdaysJoin host John P. Hughes as he presents another in the Cafe's ongoing series of music showcases. Enjoy both veteran and up-and-coming performers playing 15 minute sets from 8:00pm-10:00pm.

The scheduled musicians for this evening are Diane Diachishin, Meg Riebesell, Benjy Bruno, Andy Shapiro, Sarah Urech / Mark Morganstern / Ken McGloin, and Dave Kearney.

Events for December 2016
Tom Pacheco

Sat Dec 17

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Tom PachecoA Peace Concert

No one can advance the cause of peace and justice through songwriting like Tom, who once again returns to the Cafe for a night of masterful folk artistry. This is the voice you need to hear in this season of dreidls and angels.

Brian Hollander will be accompanying Tom, playing Dobro. Bruce Milner on Keyboard.

"Whilst Mr. Springsteen draws on the inspiration of Guthrie, Seeger, etc.; Pacheco is the real thing, cut from the same cloth as those guys, with the same dust on his boots, and the same song in his heart." --Steve Morris,

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  • Dinner is served during the performances.
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