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The Rosendale Cafe is located down the road from the Widow Jane Cement Cave, the cement mine that supplied strength for the Brooklyn Bridge, the base of the Washington Monument, and more. This might give you an idea of the independent characters who live in this crook of the valley.

Once a post office, a market, a liquor store, and home to the town historian, the Cafe is situated between the Rondout Creek and Old Delaware & Hudson Canal. The Cafe sits at the foot of Joppenburgh Mountain, named after one of the early Rosendale settlers. Joppenburgh is a magic green mound, and casts a shadow over the mysterious Iron Mountain, just a few hundred feet east of the great train trestle.

The mountain, trestle, and winding Rondout suggest a landscape/Haiku, three integral forms that speak of sense of place, an irresistible something...

The Rosendale Cafe is widely known for its musical offerings. The press has recognized the Cafe as: "Ulster County's answer to the Knitting Factory," and "...this tiny space has evolved to the most hollowed, non-classical space in the valley...," "Hot music scene at Rosendale Cafe." The Cafe consistently presents some of the best local, national, and international musicians and performance artists available on the circuit. It is an intimate setting that some performers refer to as a "living room."

The Cafe serves a menu of vegetarian staples and weekly specials, such as, Cuban Mojo Seitan, Indonesian Tempeh & Veggies, Schezwan Tofu & Veggies, Chickpea Coconut Curry, to name a few. The combination of delicious food, music, and the overall "vibe" (you have to ask someone whose been there) has made the Cafe a community gathering space, a regular stopover for weekenders and tourists, and a destination for those who prefer a smoke free environment. It's a place you walk out from under the stars after a delicious meal and some very happening, inspiring, maybe challenging music. The physical location accounts for some of the vibrant feeling, and the people account for the rest.

The Rosendale Cafe®
434 Main St. • PO Box 436 • Rosendale, NY 12472 • 845.658.9048
Hours: 11:00am-10:00pm, seven days a week (except major holidays)